Ultimate Guide to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand out in 2017

linkedin optimization guide 2017

In order to dazzle a potential candidate follow our tips to make your recruiter profile stand out of the crowd. LinkedIn is a necessary and relevant solution when it comes to finding job seekers. Your LinkedIn profile tells a lot about your personality. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for recruiters helps to create your image in the eyes of employers. While you are examining the candidate’s profile, remember that the candidate studies yours as well. If you want your profile to be unique and professional, you can consider resume writers online from Resume Writing Lab. Qualified and highly trained writers can tailor it to your needs and deliver the result in a reasonable time.

Use a Header Image

The header image is placed behind your profile picture and is the first part of your profile. Better choose an image that truly reflects your company and catches the eyes of the job seekers. Upload your header image in JPG, GIF or PNG file format, which is under 4 MB. Your header image is a visual representation of your personality in the LinkedIn network. According to various sources, users tend to remember people’s faces better than names – that’s why you are advised to take your time to select a good headshot.

Use a Video

Job seekers want to know how to attract the best recruiters on LinkedIn, while recruiters also need to show what differentiates their business from thousands of other competitors. In order to show your superiority, you may include a short video in your summary. For instance, it may be a small video about your company culture.

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However, you are welcome to add more than one video if you want to attract candidates to a position you recruit for. Additionally, it’s easy for people to view videos on mobile devices; while you can track when and where potential candidates view or share your video.

Use Keywords in Your Profile

The same way keywords help you find potential candidates, you should also use them to seek talent across the LinkedIn network. Best LinkedIn profile for recruiters contains relevant keywords for applicants to find you. Make sure these keywords reflect the openings and relate to the needed talent.

Use Recommendations from Other Clients

List the titles of companies and organizations you have worked within the Experience section. You may want to ask for recommendations when you recruit a candidate or reference another company when you place candidates for clients.

And here is amazing infographics created by Neal Schaffer, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Maximize Social Business:

linkedin profile tips infographic

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Customize Your LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn URL customization helps people easier find you by searching your name. Otherwise, job seekers or recruiters will surf through the hundreds of other visitors with similar names when looking for you. Usually, people have a combination of their name with a few numbers as a default URL.

If possible, it would be better if you shortened it and left only your first and last name. However, if your preferable custom URL has already been taken, you can become creative and make a combination of your initials or middle name. This way other users will be able to find you fast and easily.

Luckily, the process of customizing your personal LinkedIn URL is very simple and takes one minute. You just need to find ‘edit profile’ section, find the gray box under your profile picture and then click the ‘edit button’.

Include a Shining Summary

Your summary must be the focal point of your LinkedIn profile. It’s the same as a summary in the resume. This is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from other users, candidates or recruiters. You may also check latest resume trends 2017 here.

How to Write Skills and Experience

Don’t be tempted to copy and paste your CV into the experience section of your LinkedIn profile. You are advised to use words that will best reveal your talents and skills. Remember to not only describe your previous jobs but also showcase your talents and accomplishments. Your profile also allows you to add videos, images, and recommendations to better display your uniqueness.

Use LinkedIn Connections

Using your page to get in touch with other people is another important aspect of your profile. Don’t worry if you have only a few people you know on LinkedIn. Those people are your primary connections, who in their turn know other people and may introduce you to each other.

Make your LinkedIn profile shine in 2017 with these quick tips!

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