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In the great battle between one and two-page resumes, you’ll find advocates on both sides of the fence. The true answer to this dilemma really is subjective and it depends on a great number of factors. As long as you can justify putting so much information in front of your interviewer without leaving them uninterested in minute details, you can get away with more than one page. If you’re unsure as to what’s best for your case, get a handle on the top two-page resume rules 2017.

Memorize These Top Two Page Resume Guidelines 2017

As tastes are changing and more business is being done solely on an electronic basis, it’s far less important that you keep your CV to a single page. If you know how to write a resume 2017 and follow these two-page resume guidelines 2017 will be the year you hit the bigtime.

It’s important to remember that resume rules differ from place to place, and this means from country to country as well. There’s no shortage of people who suggest that you keep your resume down to one page. The logic of this boils down to the idea that hiring managers have neither the time nor attention span to wade through pages of extra detail. Even if your experience warrants this extra space, you might want to focus and think about what your future employer is looking for specifically.

Best Resume Writing Service 2017

As your resume is essentially an advertisement of your qualities and characteristics that make you the most suitable candidate for the job, you have to be able to summarize your good points in a useful and concise manner.

When to Use Two Pages

On the other hand, a longer resume is certainly preferable if you’ve had a long career with plenty of varied jobs that have given you a great wealth of experience. If you need more space than one page can offer you, make sure that two is the absolute maximum. Ultimately, it’s a matter of compromise and it really depends on who you expect to see your resume.

If you’re submitting your resume to a recruiter, they’re going to be quickly searching for keywords and certain lengths of employment under specific job titles. There’s not much thought put into this process and it’s something like jumping through hoops but that’s how it is. If you know your resume will pass through a recruiter who is going to be looking at hundreds of resumes every day, you should probably stick to one page.

At the same time, you should prepare a two-page version of your resume to hand into your hiring manager. These are the people who will actually read your resume thoroughly, picking it apart to find what they like and what they don’t. You have to make sure that you explain succinctly but fully exactly what you’re capable of and what you’ve achieved in the past. Only by doing this can your future employer get a proper understanding of what you can do and what you hope to achieve while working with them.

Two Page Resume Rules 2017

Whether you choose to write one or two pages, the best format is reverse chronological in nature. Show your most recent achievements in your customer support resume example 2017 and how they relate to the job you hope to get. Both recruiters and hiring managers will be looking for your latest efforts rather than something you did decades ago.

As you learn the one versus two-page resume rules 2017 isn’t going to sit and wait for you. Time stops for no one and this is never truer than in business. Make sure you get to grips with the basics of resume writing so you can decide how to show off your skills and suitability for your dream job.

When it comes to two-page resume rules 2017 brings a lot of new information to digest. Match quantity with quality and you’ll be leaping up the corporate ladder in no time!

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