Top Tips for Writing an Effective Resume for Civil Engineers in 2017

Civil Engineer Resume 2017

A resume is one of the most important tools for job seekers. It also holds the power to help candidates stand out from their competitors. To make sure the opportunity doesn’t slip through your hands, it is important that you keep your game up. Otherwise, someone else might grab the opportunity. One of the ways to ensure that your resume doesn’t fail to impress the hiring managers is by keeping it updated as per the latest trends.

Although the Internet is full of articles dishing out resume writing tips for a number of job profiles, information focusing on Civil Engineers is very limited. Civil Engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering which retains a great degree of relevance even today. The field offers lucrative employment opportunities and hence it is high time we talk about it more elaborately.

Writing an Effective Civil Engineer Resume in 2017

To help Civil Engineers find jobs easily and get called for more and more job interviews, here are some tips which will help them write an effective resume in 2017:

1. Include Keywords:

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The modern day hiring managers have replaced the traditional methods of finding job candidates with the latest technology. Nowadays, ATS (Application Tracking System) has become quite popular among recruiters and hiring managers. ATS is a software which helps organizations to manage their recruitment activities better. It assists recruiters in finding candidates that suit the requirements of the open position against a set of keywords. These keywords are nothing but the skills deemed desirable by the employers. Therefore, read the job description carefully and add as many keywords as possible in your resume to make sure it reaches the hiring managers without fail.

2. Give ‘Objective’ Section a Miss:

A common practice followed by Civil Engineers is to write an objective statement at the beginning of their resumes for jobs. Objective statements are passe. Replace it with a ‘Summary’ section highlighting what value you can offer to the employer. Adding your core skills in this section will not only help your resume pass the ATS but also impress the recruiters once it reaches their hands.

3. Talk about Your Accomplishments:

Simply stating your skills or talking about what you are good at is not enough for impressing the hiring managers. They are more interested in knowing about initiatives you have taken previously to move the needle. They want to know your accomplishments. For example, initiatives you undertook for reducing cost, improving existing processes to increase efficiency, targets where you over-achieved, etc.

4. Make it Error-Free:

This is one of the most important tips. Nothing can ruin one’s impression in front of the hiring manager more than a resume full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Even when you have proofread it once, go through the document again. You will definitely find areas where you will feel the need to make some edits. After making the edits, again go through the document to make sure there are no typos. This will make your resume error-free.

5. Add Links to Your Social Profile:

Before deciding to call a candidate for the job interview, hiring manager tries to gather as much information as possible about him/her. They even check the social profiles to judge the overall personality of the candidate. Hence, it is important that you keep your social profiles updated and clean. To save hiring managers’ efforts, add the link to your social profiles in the resume.

Usually, hiring managers spend around 40-45 seconds reading each resume and that’s when they find the resume interesting. The fate of the job candidates is decided within the initial 10 seconds of reading their resumes. That’s how much time you have in your hand to impress the hiring managers. Follow the tips shared above to make sure you secure a spot for yourself in the job interview.

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