Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Social Media Manager Resumes in 2017

social media manager resume

Interesting Facts about Social Media Managers Resumes

During the early years of social media marketing, there were no algorithms and little customer power and thus the role of social media was limited and to some extent underestimated. Very few companies had embraced the use of social media and therefore there was no position such as the social media manager. Moving forward this trend has fast changed and now in 2017 experts say that social media is a change that cannot be ignored.

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Interesting statistics to know about social media are as follows:

  • More than 71% of consumers who happen to have a good experience with social media service are likely to recommend it to others. Therefore with this kind of statistics, hiring a social media manager requires a person who understands the social media user and in return, the candidate also needs to have a well-presented resume.
  • More than 25% of the social media managers have content creation as their major concern when it comes to their tasks. This means that a social media manager resume must be able to bring out the creativity in the eyes of the recruiter. This creativity will enable the company to stay on the top game in the social media content.
  • Ten years ago the social media manager role was not in existence rather was it termed as a career. A decade after and every organization is looking for a social media manager and therefore the more reason why a social media manager resume shouldn’t be ignored.

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Aspects Manager Resume Sample Should Cover

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The important aspects of a  social media manager resume are as follows:

  1. Writing skills. The social media manager resume should be able to be easily identifiable by the recruiting manager. These include HTML, copywriting, account management, negotiating skills, problem-solving and the general knowledge of social media sites and how they work. These things should be noted down in the resume and the candidate to ensure he can be able to demonstrate them first hand before an interview panel.
  2. Optimizing content. The social media manager resume should be able to clearly bring out the ability to operate the ecosystem of search, mobile, and content since this is what makes up the social web. The candidate will be guiding the customer down the online engagements, answering questions, making sales and ensuring a timely response.
  3. Creative Mindset. Social media marketing encompasses understanding the creative process that ensures that the content posted to the various sites is of good quality. The candidate, therefore, should demonstrate the ability to touch the customers’ hearts and mind through creative content.
  4. In touch with latest digital marketing trends. Social media is made up of many complex webs of trends that keep changing or improving daily. With each day there is a new concept that comes up in social media, therefore, the social media manager resume must indicate and demonstrate the ability to keep up to date with the latest trends.

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Expert Advice

In 2017 social media has become a critical part of digital communication in companies. The people behind the communications and marketing have to be professional and have this in mind experts recommend that it would be suicidal to ignore the social media manager resume.

Having this in mind it is not wise to ignore the many resumes you receive for the social media manager role since this can mean the loss of opportunity to reach a large number of people at a low cast via social media.

Check carefully the social media marketing manager resume while recruiting to ensure you have the qualified person as this will deliver measurable results in sales, leads and branding.

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