Pros and Cons of Reverse Chronological Resume

reverse chronological resume

The reverse chronological resume is best suited for candidates who have job-related experience. It is also worth noting that this format can be able to handle some of the most known tough resume problems. These include unemployment spans, short-term jobs and age issues. This format is widely accepted by many hiring managers and allows for the most recent work experience to appear first in the document while the oldest experience appears as the last.

The interesting aspect of the reverse chronological resume format is that it allows the hiring manager to be able to identify the candidate’s career progression step by step starting with the most recent one.

The reverse chronological resume format is as follows:

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  • Personal details
  • Personal profile/career objectives/Accomplishments (this should not exceed 5 lines)
  • Capabilities
  • Employment History/Professional Background(in reverse order)
  • Education
  • References

The above format is recommended for graduates, people seeking to change their career path completely. Additionally, people with employment gaps that don’t add any value to their experience can also use the reverse chronological resume format.

Advantages of Reverse Chronological Resume Format

It makes it easy for the employer or hiring manager to scan the entire document within no time. The information in this format is clearly arranged and easily viewed.

Secondly, it provides a proper way of hiding candidates’ shortcomings which might be a disadvantage towards getting the job. This can be done through a perfect and consistent flow of the work experience.

Thirdly, this resume format presents a good opportunity for the job seeker to project one’s integrity and honesty to the employer. It is time-based and carries the accurate facts on the previous experience with a lot of credibilities.

Lastly, the reverse chronological resume format is flexible in that it can accommodate any kind of addition and subtractions. This means that if any new job experience has to be added then it doesn’t require a lot of changes just one section between the texts.

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Disadvantages of Reverse Chronological Order

However, it is noting that this format is not free from disadvantages either. One of them is that work experience is in reverse order which can negatively affect the job opportunity for the job seeker if there happens to be a break and gap in work experience.

Secondly, there are people who regularly switch from one job to the other; this resume format affects such people in a negative way. The Reverse chronological resume format thus makes this flaw come out and the candidate may be in a position to be rejected during the recruitment process.

Thirdly, with the reverse format, it is not possible to hide one’s age from the recruiter or potential employer. This mostly can affect the younger and the much older job seekers. It’s therefore recommended to avoid this format when the job seeker does not have a logical career path.

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According to experts, networking resumes has been one of the major trends in the year 2016-2017. Making the resume ye friendly and computer friendly is highly recommended and vital to the chances of one’s recruitment. Experts continue to argue that people today are more visually engaged as compared to the past, therefore, it’s good to have an engaging resume in content and design.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that to be able to achieve effective maximum response rate from employers or recruiters, one must identify the right type of resume. The reverse chronological order resume format is widely accepted by employers globally.

It is evident that the reverse chronological format resume should only be adopted when the job seeker is sure of the career path taken.

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