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If you are a marketing manager and you are looking for the best ways on how to show off the real you and your offers in your job application, then there are things to know about resume for marketing manager that will help you stand out and display your best assets.

Resume of Marketing Manager Tips


  • Make sure that you come up with an excellent resume with great resume layout 2018 that includes wide margins and logical format. You should also make use of clear and clean headings.
  • From time to time, you can bold or italic typeface to emphasize some areas of your resume and catch the eyes of the employers.
  • You can also make use of bullet points when listing your accomplishments in the resume for 2018.
  • Choose professional font style, including Arial or Times New Roman and size between 10 and 12.
  • Use only white legal size paper.
  • Save your resume for 2018 in PDF, as much as possible.
sample resume for marketing manager

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resume for marketing manager

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The content of your resume, based on the sample resume for marketing manager in 2018, should be tailored per job application, meaning you should create a specific resume for every application you are making. Remember, an employer is seeking not only an able but also a unique candidate that stands out from the crowd. This is something you can achieve with a customized resume 2018 that meets the guidelines as mentioned or written in the job posting.

Best Resume Writing Service 2017
  • Headline must contain your name, email, phone number or mobile number and permanent home address; your name can have a larger font size and the rest of this headline can be typeface in bold
  • Next sections,
  • Career summary to include your best selling points
  • Work experience from the most recent to the least recent
  • Education
  • Accomplishments with statistics and data
  • Work skills

Above are the best tips for resume for marketing manager in 2018. Keep up with the trends by applying such new changes that employers are looking to read in your application.

Finally, think twice before applying and check out this sample resume for marketing manager today!

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