Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Use Hybrid Resume Template

Hybrid resumes are also referred to as combination resumes. This kind of resume provides relevant skills which are in line with the job role while at the same time providing enough information about the job seekers’ work. The hybrid resume template should be in a form that answers the following questions:

  • What are the candidate’s strongest skills?
  • Where has the candidate put these skills into use?
  • What has the candidate accomplished through the use of these particular skills?

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About Hybrid Resume Format

This format has the following components:

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  • Personal contact information
  • Summary
  • Qualifications (specific to the job application)
  • List of relevant skills(in line with the job post)
  • Experience and accomplishments
  • Awards, seminars, volunteering work or certifications
  • Professional training and education

The hybrid resume format serves a variety of job seekers including:

  • New graduates seeking entry level jobs: This group of job seekers has little or no professional experience and therefore the hybrid resume format would be ideal for them. It allows them to highlight the hard skills in form of degrees and soft skills (communication, customer care, and teamwork).
  • Job seekers looking for a career change: there are a lot of employees who have built a solid work experience in one particular field but for some reasons, they are looking forward to changing to a different field. The hybrid resume format provides a platform to showcase the job seekers reliability while marketing their transferable skills and experience they bring along. To be able to prove to the potential employer that you are a dependable employee is a big plus to changing to a new career.
  • Job seekers getting back to the workforce: some job seekers for some reasons find themselves out of jobs or basically to take time off. These reasons include as becoming a parent, layoffs and other personal reasons. The hybrid resume format can help reduce the impact of such gaps by filling such spaces with soft skills and other major skills relevant to the job role.

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Advantages of the Hybrid Resume Format

Among the advantages of the hybrid resume format there are:

  • The hybrid resume format presents a great opportunity for members of the military and other disciplinary forces who have a diverse skill set due to the work they do.
  • It provides employers with a clear chronological format of the job seeker’s skills, achievements, and experience.
  • Thirdly the hybrid resume format puts more emphasize on the job seeker’s skills. (soft and technical)
  • It can be easily adjusted to match a specific position. This will put the job seeker in a better position to get the job since the hiring manager looks for a specific bulleted list of skills in an applicant.

hybrid resume advantages

Expert advice: the best format to use for a job seeker with at least five years of work experience is the hybrid resume format. The hybrid resume definition indicates clear steps in a simple format. The total time at the company, last position at the company, second position at the company, awards and volunteer positions and education in that order.

It is also worth noting that the hybrid resume format has its fair share of disadvantages. One of them being that it is repetitive if the job seeker has similar skills that apply to different positions.

It is the best format for the current resume trends in 2017. However, As much as this format is highly praised candidates are advised that fields such as finance and law are much more likely to prefer the traditional reverse chronological resume format. Therefore we can say that the hybrid format is a platform that can advertise the job seekers experience and skills in a differently unique way as compared to other resume formats. This allows a more practical approach while ensuring that it is still likable in the eyes of the employer.

it is the currently widely acceptable format to use. Check and learn more about what is a hybrid resume template!

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