How a Resume 2019 Should Look Like. Top Career Trends 2019

Resume Tips 2019

To survive in the job market, one should pretty much learn how to keep up with what is trending. Even those who do online writing jobs from home need to know what is happening in the online market. In the current world, a resume is one document that most employers look out for before they bring a new fellow on board. This document contains vital information about who you are and what you have to offer. However, over the years most young people have mastered the art of writing very catchy resumes yet they have nothing much to offer.

Just some kind of cliché language that gets some potential employers excited. However, this might be changing since the year 2019 is most likely bringing with it new styles altogether. Below are some of the resume trends that will be ushered in with the New Year.

Top 5 Resume Trends 2019 to Follow


When applying for a job, many applicants avail their resumes. One distinguishing factor that employers initially consider is the presentation. If your resume does not impress at first sight, then most likely it will not go past the first stage. A simple yet creative way to make your CV is by adding columns. This looks neater than just the normal prose kind of a presentation. Again, you could give it a touch of color at the background but keep it official.

Engage Visually

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The traditional resume format can get a bit too wordy especially if the owner has quite a lot to fit in there. Too much reading is cumbersome especially if it is about other people. Using infographics is a good way of keeping your prospective employer visually engaged. You not only draw their attention but also hold it there until they have seen all they need to. Only be careful not to make it more complicated for them to follow. Some master thesis writing service providers have mastered the art of doing infographics. Remember to use simple infographics and let the resume flow. Also, focus on your main selling points for that particular job vacancy.

Achievements Quantified

Employers are now used to the stories that most young people give concerning their productivity in their previous jobs. Needless to say, some of these lines are copied and pasted from online sources. In this coming era, your prospective employer would like to see figures and some quantitative qualifications of your achievements. For instance, you could state you grew your former employer’s customer base by a certain percentage. This would apply if you were directly involved in marketing and branding. Otherwise, your claimed achievements would pass for another good story that might not give you the job of your dreams.

Take Note of Keywords

It is pointless to have a wordy resume that does not capture what the prospective employer is actually looking for. For instance, on every job posting, there is usually a word or even words that keep reappearing. In most cases that is word depicts the main concern or need of the one who posted. Seek to know what the word is and what it means, then customize your resume to present yourself as the perfect one to fulfill that need.

You and Social Media

In the recent past, social media has become a fertile ground for business and job opportunities. Everyone is now connected to everyone and it is hard to keep your life to yourself. This, therefore, means what you post on social media be it in words or photos really matters. It can either make or break your career since it is a reflection of yourself. As you make your resume trendy, you may consider generating a social media QR code. Having it somewhere at the top will do. This will draw attention to your accounts on some of the platforms and you better have good content in there.

Finding the Best Resume Format 2019

Resume making does not sound hard when mentioned. However, it is an art that one should learn with different prospective employers in mind. It is no longer business as usual in the job market so young job seekers need to up their game. The tips in here will get you started as you prepare for 2019 and the years to follow.

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