Had Your OATS Today?

OATS Job Search 2017

by: Danielle M. Dayries, owner of DMD & Associates

If you’re like most, you like a nice, healthy breakfast — preferably something quick, wholesome, and delicious to help you start the day off right. How about a warm bowl of OATS? The OATS we’re referring to will provide you with essential nutrients for a successful job search 2017.

  • O – Objectives give you direction. Write down your objectives for the upcoming day, week, or even just the next hour as this will help you keep your goals in mind while searching for that particular job.
  • A – Actions help you meet objectives. Note the actions needed to accomplish each objective. What steps are involved? What resources, information, and support do you need to get things done?
  • T – Time forecasts must be realistic. Now that you have objectives and have identified the actions required to achieve the goal, how much time is needed to complete those actions? Estimate the time you will spend on each task — and add 20% to the forecast while you are getting organized in a new job search.
  • S – Schedules need to be in writing. The final step is to write it all down. Write down your objectives, along with the actions and time required for each. Schedule actions in your calendar to structure your job search time. And, keep track of your accomplishments along the way.
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A nice serving of OATS is sure to help your job search be productive, organized, and successful. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so give it a try!

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