What Will Graphic Designer Resume Sample Be Like in 2017?

Graphic design resume

If you want to land a graphic designing gig then prove your client that you are really an experienced graphic designer. How? Through your resume. Graphic designers are competing over projects and in order to win the competition, it’s a must that you create a stunning resume that tells and shows. There is graphic designer resume sample in the web. Actually, there’s a lot! You can find inspiration from them so you can create your own eye-catching one. But before you check graphic designer resume examples out there, we’ll give you some key notes to remember so you won’t get behind the crowd, instead of top the crowd to win more gigs. See here the rules of resume writing, you can take advantage of. So what will a graphic designer resume sample be like this year? Let me tell you!

Graphic Designer Resume Sample 2017

  1. Microsft Word is no longer a thing for graphic designers this year. If you want to land a design job, experts recommend using the PDF format. This format is more versatile and shows off a more professional and decent work.
  2. As a graphic designer, you are expected to send a resume with good graphics and layout. DTP software like Illustrator, InDesign, and QuarkXpress can help you create beautiful resumes, which you can save as PDF. There are free 30-days versions of this software so take advantage of them or you immediately fail your application after the first glance.
  3. Make your resume short and concise. Remove unnecessary information like your nursery school, so on and forth. The art director is more concerned about your expertise and experience. Highlight your previous work and experiences rather the school where you get your first star.
  4. But make sure that the details you have provided are true and correct. Always include the most important details like your name, contact information, online portfolio so you can easily be reached out if the company needs more details, or they want to hire you.

Graphic designer resume sample tip

5. You might have designed your resume very well that it apparently shows that it comes from a graphic designer. But you don’t want the art director to throw it in the trash because it’s too complicated to read. So always use simple fonts.

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6. As a designer, you have an eye for good design so you can create a layout that is unique of its kind. Don’t get into the doom of copying other people’s work and style. If that particular design has caught your eye then it possibly caught someone’s eyes too. Meaning, the design went viral. And the HR might be familiar with it, too. That’s plagiarism! So make a design of your own and put your unique touch in your work.

7. Also, make sure that your resume is printed in colored. Black and white is still in the trend but not in the graphic design industry anymore. Since you are showing your design prowess to win your desired design position, use color sparingly in a way that shows your discreet personal touch. As a graphic designer, you know exactly what I mean.

8. Print out your resume. Don’t rely on photocopies as it will make your design look mediocre. While photocopies are cheap than print outs, the later is worth it. Photocopied resumes don’t look good. The images may appear contrasty and the print may be skewed.

9. Your resume should be accompanied by a well-written cover letter to emphasize the intention of your application. Make the cover brief and concise and should compliment your resume. A short three paragraphs cover can make wonders. And, it is important that your resume is unique and customized. Recruitment officers will know if you just copied and pasted the content.

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Graphic designer’s resumes have greatly evolved from being a dull resume into beautiful pieces of paper, in which hiring managers can easily point out who best fits for the company. See sample resume for graphic designers in the web and learn from them.

Create a beautiful and stunning resume by checking our graphic designer resume sample and tips.

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