Are You Getting the Most Out of Executive Assistant Resume Samples?

One assumption that I want to correct is that executive assistants do nothing else other than book appointments and make coffee. That is not the case based on the many executive assistants resumes samples I have studied. The fact is that the biggest percentages of the executive assistants serve as the executive’s right hand which is evident in the resume samples. Take advantage of the best resume tips 2017 to format your resume perfectly!

The executive assistant resumes samples reveal familiar duties and responsibilities of employees in this position. These include a combination of administrative, managerial functions, schedule management, office management, communication liaison, information preparation, records management, data analysis, and discretion.

Career Overview and Future Predictions

The resume for executive assistant should exhibit an individual who is always seeking to expand his/her role by creatively developing new methods to support his/her supervisor. In other words, the all-round personality should clearly come out in the resume to catch the employer’s eye.

Best Resume Writing Service 2017

Another major aspect of the resume for an executive assistant is the ability to be on the lookout for any derailment that might cause the supervisor not to shine. For instance ensuring that the supervisor attends meetings with extra copies of reports with proper details is always a professional step.

It is not a secret that a bulk of the executive assistant’s work involves maximizing the superior’s performance level. According to most of the resumes for executive assistant indicate that they started at that level and currently they hold big leadership positions in the organization.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, the average hourly pay for the executive assistant in the year 2010 was 20.92 U.S dollars or 45,520 US dollars per annum. The resumes for executive assistant indicate that the education level for the job seekers in this position is a high school diploma with the basic computer and English skills.

Tips on Writing by Yourself

A good resume for the executive assistant should have the following categories:

  • Candidates Full name
  • Candidates phone numbers
  • Candidates email address
  • Objective (seeking the executive assistant position)
  • Profile statement (mention the experience with different functions)
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Professional development (pieces of training attended eg.advanced powerpoint)
  • Technical skills
  • Core competencies (organizational, problem solving and decision-making skills)
  • References

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The Resume Trends 2017

The role of the executive assistants has quickly diversified over the years and so has most of the resume for an executive assistant. It has moved from just making tea to project managing, communicating agendas to the relevant people, traveling to meetings and ensuring the executive has all the materials at hand.

Since most the executives look for someone who can help them develop approaches to certain situations it is important to include such skills in your resume for an executive assistant as a job seeker.

The third trend is easy reading mode and clear information to digest. The spacing between words and sentences is enough to make the hiring manager have an easy time going through the information. It Is advantageous since when recruiters see such kind of resume for executive assistant they are sure to spend less time which is basically what they want.

Resume Trends 2017

In 2017 just like 2016 the resumes for executive assistant have very eye-catching details including design layout, strong wording, clear achievements, branding. Most of them are customized for the audience and not just the position.

Expert Advice: Executive assistants are expected to have a growth rate of 12 percent for a period of ten years. This explains why the executive assistant resume templates should of top notch.

Following the rapid advancement of technology such as smartphones and other tools for personal assistant roles, the organization needs a dynamic person who can quickly blend with all this technology. This will only be seen by the employer when good executive assistant resume templates are used.

Improve your worth in the job market by using quality executive assistant resume samples

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