Why It’s Easier to Succeed with Current Resume Trends Than You Might Think

current resume trends

It is easy to have some mistakes on your resumes and similarly it is also easy to have a mistake free resume by checking and researching on the current resume trends.

Most world economies are starting to experience a rebound and traditionally hiring managers will tend to keep on hold until they are sure of the situation then kick off the hiring process. This, therefore, doesn’t mean the job seeker should stay put with the same old resume. The resume requires a makeover and this where the new and current resume trends come into play.

2017 Resume Trends

Observe what 2017 resume trends are:

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  • Change of recruiting methods. A few years back human resource managers and organizations were using a tool referred to as the applicant tracking software. This tool enabled the organization screen for keywords in the candidates resume and this led to the rejection of many worthy and qualified candidates.
  • Visually appealing resume. The withdrawal of screening tools after organizations realized that they had their own shortcomings turned the attention to the visual appeal of the candidate’s resume. Candidates in various fields have developed new creative ways of making their resume appeal before the eyes of the hiring manager. The appeals techniques include the use of videos, photographic evidence depending on the candidates’ field attached to the resume. Additionally, the candidates also indicate links to blogs, research papers, and publications that they have done in the past.
  • Social media use. It is healthy for the job seeker to include the social media sites links on his resume. This is one of the current trends in the human capital sector. This, however, does not mean that the employer will ridicule you regarding what you post on your social media sites but it is important to ensure that they are regularly updated and kept in a professional manner. Examples of these latest resume trends in social media include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others.
  • Result-oriented. The candidate should ensure the resume contains information on how the company’s operations and business were generally improved via your effort. Additionally, the resume should have details on the increase in revenue, safety, customer service and other key parameters that the candidate was involved in as a staff. The importance of this latest resume trends is to show the employer that the candidate clearly knows the difference between working hard and working smart whilst applying the principles of motion and continuous improvement.

Common Mistakes in Resumes

1. Grammatical errors and typos

Employers will make very negative conclusions from a resume which is full of errors, especially grammatical errors. Sentences not clearly understood or are incomplete. This will mean that the candidate is not keen to details and the latest resume trends demands that every candidate should be tech-savvy.

common mistakes in resume

Therefore, it is only wise to counter check the resume before sending it to your potential employer. Check for grammar, typos and other small details that might hinder your chances of regarded as a serious employee.

2. Incorrect personal contact information

You might apply for jobs regularly but you are not receiving any feedback at all. This is as a result of having the wrong or incorrect telephone or email address on your resume. Therefore it is advisable for the job seeker to double-check the contact information.

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Lack of Specifics Achievements

The employer needs to understand the specific achievements you contributed to the organization. Indicate few numbers to back up your statements for instance “increased sales by 20% for the period 2016 to 2017”. This will give the job seeker an edge over the other candidate since the employer will understand how effective you are in delivering results. Therefore this is definitely one major factor to be keen on among the many latest resume trends.

The job market is rapidly changing with new trends in resume writing emerging on how to apply for jobs, interview attendance, and presentation. There is a lot of dynamisms in the job market as well as the economy which means as a job seeker one has to uniquely stand out. The resume should be constantly improved, rewritten, checked and updated regularly.

To be able to compete in the job market it is advisable to keep abreast with the new trends in resume writing, even if the employee is comfortable with the current job.

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