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The resume styles 2017 are what you need if you are looking for the best results in your job application because they are updated with the trends of the times. In the process, they can be noticed easier and faster by employers looking for the best candidates for a specific position. Check out the following for some resume trends in 2017.

2017 Resume Styles: What to Include

  • Effective resumes 2017 include a headline, which has your name, complete address, email and phone or mobile number.
  • After the above section, it is followed by a career summary, which contains your best assets and an overview of your value proposition, including your skills and achievements.
  • After, there should be a subheading for your work experience, which begins from the most recent to the least recent job experiences you have had. However, you don’t need to list down or write about all your work experience, but only those that are relevant to a specific application.
  • Following is your educational background, which lists your degrees, schools, year of graduation and school address.
  • After, you can write about your achievements or specific job skills, which you have acquired working in other companies.resume in numbers

Tips for Effective Use of 2017 Resume Styles

  1. Tailor or customize your application per job posting to ensure that your latest resume format 2017 is targeted to meet the requirements of the employer in the advertisement.
  2. Your resume must be using effective keywords based on your expertise in order to show that you got the knowledge, skills and experience in undertaking the job in case you are hired for the job. You should use industry-specific keywords to highlight these.
  3. Quantify your achievements by making use of figures or statistics that will show your effectiveness you have shown in the previous positions you have handled.
Best Resume Writing Service 2017

Follow these tips and pointers when writing your resume in 2017 to ensure that you will have an advantage over the rest of the applicants vying for the same position. Remember, you need to stand out, so show off your uniqueness that will capture their attention.

Pump Up 2017 Resume Style Information

Looking to use social media to increase your job hunt? It’s a good idea. Did you know that 93% of recruiters look at social media profiles, according to Martin Buckland? He also says that 15 million brands are on Facebook, that 68% of employers will find you there, and that 89% of employers have hired someone from LinkedIn.

That’s a truly staggering amount of social media usage, isn’t it? We’ve come to a world where a vast amount of the job hunt is online. LinkedIn and Facebook give your employer something new about you. To use social media to increase your hireability, make sure your profile is clean. However, you should also do job hunting on social media. Think of it as being like networking, but virtual. It gets attention and impresses employers by showing that you’re dedicated to finding a great job and capable of researching the company beyond just the bare bones Wikipedia page description.

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Resume Facts 2017

2017 resume style

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resume styles 2017

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Despite the proliferation of online jobs, you can’t discount your resume. Networking in person is still a hugely important part of your job-hunting process, and resumes are a crucial part of networking. After all, your employer won’t go looking for you at all if you don’t have impress them as a decent candidate.

So what can you do? Creating a great resume – which you can also put on LinkedIn much of the time, for the record – helps catch the attention of recruiters and gets you interviews. Your resume is flexible and can be adapted for multiple circumstances – or, rather, if you do it right this is so. Creating a “master resume” which you can edit for particular jobs, for instance, is a great idea.

But formatting is equally important. You want a resume with a good style, that shows your potential employer that you’re a modern and up-to-date worker. Resume trends change just like fashion, and staying abreast of current styles is a great way to show that you put time and effort into your image. This is important for making a great impression on a recruiter.

The Experts on Resume Style 2017

Rose Keating, a professional career consultant, says that only 20% of your energy should go into applying for jobs online. The rest should go into talking, meeting, and doing one-on-one informational interviews. Only a small percentage of the available jobs out there are online, after all – you’re going to have to know people. Having said that, she says that you should apply if you meet 70% or more of the qualifications for a job. Not 100% – 70%.

advice on resume styleEmployers don’t expect a perfect candidate; they just want someone who’s good enough and can be trained to be better. On your resume itself, don’t use personal pronouns. Also, present yourself in the best way possible – but don’t lie, not even a “little white lie”. They’re probably not as little as you expect, and they could very easily lose you the job if you get caught out. Employers value candidates who are honest and have integrity, and lying instantly loses that trust in you. However, it’s okay to change how you present what you did for different jobs. As long as you’re sticking to the truth, emphasizing one aspect over another is acceptable and indeed expected. You can talk about some duties and ignore others, because employers expect that you’ll only include relevant experience.

Get Yourself a Great 2017 Resume Style

2017 resume styles

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Getting a great resume is hard work that takes a lot of time and effort. Whether you’re a new employee or someone who’s been in the business for your entire life, the job hunt is never an easy process. But it can be easier if you take the time to ask someone who’s been there. After all, an outside eye can sometimes see the situation more clearly than you, because you’ve been working away so hard and aren’t quite sure what’s good and what’s not. That’s why we’re happy to offer you a helping hand. Our staff of trained professionals can help you break into the job market and get on your way to the job you love with an amazing resume. They’ve all been through the job-hunting process and we only select the ones we trust to have the utmost respect for you and your experiences. Don’t struggle on alone anymore.

Write your own stunning resume based on 2017 resume style today!

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