10 Things You Should Never Say in the First Interview

Job Interview Tips - Things to Avoid Saying

You may never realize how careful you need to be in your talk until you are called in for an job interview. Your words will get weighed at every stage. This is what most celebrities go through almost every day. Therefore, they can’t just say anything and so is the case for you when you are called in for an interview. Most people get into a conversational pitfall during interviews because of the reason that someone is there waiting to judge them. Here are things that you should never say in your first interview.

Top 10 Things You Should Avoid Saying in the First Interview


  • Asking about the pay for the position. Even though this may come up during the conversation, don’t be the one to bring it up. If you go this way, you will create an impression that you are only after money which may necessarily not be the case.
  • My former boss was the problem. Your prospective employer will most certainly be on the side of your previous one. If you speak ill of your previous boss, they may feel that you will speak the same about them.
  • Seeing Yourself as the boss in the future. This is not what to say when asked about your future five years down the line. Instead, make them understand that you will fit in well in the company.
  • I don’t like my job. This should not be mentioned in a job interview session. When asked about the reason behind applying for the new job, look at the new opportunities for growth rather than bad aspects of your former position.
  • Flirtatious-like comments. Don’t say such things as “you look great” regardless of how good looking the interviewer is. It doesn’t add any attractive value towards during the interview session.
  • Saying that you don’t know any weakness that you could be having. Be ready to highlight some weaknesses. It should however not be core to the job you have applied for. It could be something you have been working on for some time now!
  • Making negative observations about your prospective employer. Even if the company has experienced a downside in earnings recently, stay off such matters. You could instead ask about the current challenges facing the company.
  • How much leave do I have? Questions seeking to establish how much free time off work you have may dent your efforts of getting that job. You can, however, ask these questions later one once the offer has been made to you!
  • You will regret not hiring me. You haven’t met the other candidates interviewed for the same position. Therefore, you can’t be assertive in this matter. It could even work for your failure. So, don’t say that. It’s them to decide and not you and therefore, you cannot force them into taking you as their suitable candidate. They know what they want.
  • I have no questions to ask you. It is always prudent to ask questions to your interviewer. It could be something that you have researched or something that has been shared with you during the conversation. Never say you have no question at all.

The Bottom Line

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You will do yourself a lot of favours if you stay off some things during an interview session. These are some of the things you should not say.

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